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Cuuma’s omnichannel communication solution provides a comprehensive package of products and services which can be scaled according to needs and the situation.

Voice solutions

The voice solutions developed by Cuuma are suitable for companies and communities of all sizes, covering needs from mobile access to omnichannel customer service solutions. Browser-based and easy-to-use services are designed into a suitable package together with the customer. Services are implemented both as cloud services and customer-specific solutions.
In addition to common functions, Cuuma’s voice solutions include business enhancing features developed in cooperation with customers such as personnel and business monitoring, reporting and hang-up statistics.

Voice communication

As a Finnish voice communication operator Cuuma provides quality phone calls and connections using the latest technology. Our service centres use redundant connections and they are protected from denial-of-service attacks.

Our call pricing is competitive both for domestic and international calls.

Phone numbers

Cuuma’s services can be used with existing company numbers or with new numbers included in the service as follows:

  • Domestic fixed network and mobile network phone numbers
  • Company numbers
  • Service numbers
  • International numbers almost to all locations in the world
  • Donation numbers and fundraising numbers

Mobile subscriptions

Combined with other products, Cuuma’s mobile subscription forms a comprehensive communication solution that serves both fixed and mobile needs. The mobile subscription has smart, browser-based functions that can be automatised according to user profiles.

Cuuma’s SIM cards can be used in all mobile devices. Cuuma’s mobile and voice communication packages provide flexible functionality and their price is competitive

Internet connections

Cuuma’s fixed and wireless Internet connections aimed at companies cover all the Nordic countries. Our service products include:

  • Fibre optic connections
  • Copper wire connections
  • Mobile data subscriptions
  • P2P
  • Ceragon radio links
  • Firewall services


Customisation and innovations

Cuuma’s customisable solutions provide our customers with a suitable service platform utilising existing or entirely new functions.  Customisation and utilising the newest technologies (not excluding the traditional ones) guarantee our customers the best possible outcome.

Our product development works in close collaboration with our customers. Large-scale understanding of the business of our customers’ companies constantly creates new innovations through which our customers’ environments stay at the forefront of development.


Integration enables Cuuma’s services to be linked with any of our customers’ back-end systems. The most usual integrations are the following:

  • CRM (customer relationship management) systems
  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems
  • Customer loyalty systems
  • Calendars

Ticketing system

A ticketing system makes emails a part of the other service environment in a centralized way and enables their systematic processing. A ticketing system for emails boosts the response times of sales and customer service and facilitates resource allocation for them. Processing, archiving and follow-up of tickets constitute a more versatile service model than what traditional use of email can offer.


Cuuma’s chat service increases the speed of in-company communication as well as customer service and sales work. Our easy-to-use chat service is available as a separate service or together with other Cuuma’s products.

Social media

Social media can be integrated into Cuuma’s comprehensive service. In such a case, all social media related customer feedback and customer service is centralised into one location. Companies will have the ability to monitor social media communication in real time and react within a short response time.

Employee time tracking

Cuuma’s easy-to-use employee time tracking has been developed in collaboration with customers to satisfy the needs of today’s working hours monitoring. The monitoring system includes accumulation for the Finnish competitiveness pact, overtime and flexible hours. The system can be adapted to fulfil the requirements of collective agreements.

Data terminal equipment

Cuuma’s services function in the most common data terminal equipment and operating systems, which we can also provide to our customers according to their needs. Cuuma’s services are browser based and work independently of data terminal equipment. If necessary, we can provide the suitable equipment to our customers.

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